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Prescription Collection Service in Birmingham – Simple Innovation

We live in a world now ruled by convenience. We want to book online instead of call and wait on the phone. We want to conduct our banking through our smartphone and not have to go to the bank itself. And we want to look after our health as quickly as possible. And for the

Lose weight with our Lipotrim Birmingham Service

The weight loss industry is huge. Recent statistics show that about 30 million people have made attempts to shed their weight as of 2013. The weight loss industry has a value that is expected to continue growing in hundreds of billions. Most of such money has been spent on very popular weight loss brands and

Your Friendly and Local Opticians in Birmingham

At Kings Opticians in Birmingham our patients experience is our main priority, we value your time and want you to feel you’ve been well looked after and your needs have been met and exceeded. You should expect a warm smile and the best patient care whatever your reasons for visiting us may be. We have

Mobility Centre in Birmingham – Kings Pharmacies and Opticians

It’s a natural law. We all get older, our bones weaker and movement stiffer. Sometimes I wonder when we’ll be dispensing the medicine that will slow down or cure the inevitable process of “aging”. Do you think we’ll ever see that person who lives to the age of 250 years old? Like in the countless sci-fi

Efficient Travel Vaccination Service in South Birmingham

Are you about to venture into the tropical rainforests of Indonesia? About set off on your spiritual journey to Mecca for Hajj and Umrah? Going on a business trip to a more exotic country? Wherever you are going abroad, the Kings Pharmacies Travel Clinic in Birmingham will make sure you’re travelling safe and protected. In this informative

Where and How to get the Flu Jab in Birmingham

The Flu affects 1000’s of people in Birmingham every year… Influenza puts a huge strain on the UK every single year. More commonly known as the “flu”, the virus usually has a debilitating effect on a person’s health and in some rare cases, can even cause death. But not only is this disease affecting our